Evaluate your SEM Campaign with an RClarity Expert Discovery Report (EDR)

The EDR is a thorough analysis of an existing SEM pay-per-click advertising campaign. The RClarity team will scrutinize an existing campaign and make recommendations for improvement. We’ll also use benchmarks and draw comparisons based on tens of millions of dollars in paid search spending data.

A typical EDR includes six individual reports analyzing the following:
  • Macro view and inventory of campaigns, ad groups, keywords, ads, and destination URLs.
  • Campaign performance
  • Top 30 keyword analysis
  • Match type analysis
  • Day of week analysis
  • Quality score analysis

Included with the report is a write-up of our observations and recommendations for campaign improvement.

The process for generating an EDR starts with getting read-only access to your Google Account through the Google MCC permission structure. Once granted access, the analysis can take up to 5 business days. We setup a call to review our findings and provide an Excel based report with a summary of our recommendations as well as all of the raw data on the individual reports listed above.

The EDR is a great way to checkup on your existing paid search agency or can be used by inside SEM teams for quick analysis and jumpstarting existing campaigns.

Cost for the expert discovery report and manual analysis is $350.

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